Our phased rooflight installations have continued this week with the replacement of an old rooflight vent.

The brand new 2m x 1m Sky Aero Electric Vent. This is a standard sized rooflight, but Skymaker pride themselves on being able to produce beautiful and bespoke rooflights tailored to the customers needs. Our Sky Aero Electric Vent Range starts from £1,366 and goes up to £3,435. The overall weight of this rooflight is 80KGs.

This particular model is equipped with a 240v Maintenance Free Chain Actuator which automatically opens and closes the vent. In order to do this, it comes with rain sensors, which means that the rooflight will close automatically if it starts to rain. It also has a wind sensor, where if it becomes too windy outside, it will automatically close. Finally, it has a thermostat on the inside which monitors the temperature of the room, which means it will automatically open and close if the room becomes too hot or cold.

The Skymaker Team have installed this rooflight this week and will be able to install similar models over the coming weeks

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